Dave Meltzer Assesses Former WWE Boss Vince McMahon's Latest Legal Maneuver

Janel Grant's lawsuit against Vince McMahon, accusing the former WWE Chairman of sex trafficking and abuse, has continued to move forward, and has recently seen a lot of action from McMahon's legal team. McMahon filed a motion back in late April asking for the suit to be moved to arbitration, and earlier this week filed another motion where he stated Grant's claims towards him were "meritless and the height of hypocrisy," while further giving details regarding his side of the story.


On Tuesday morning's "Wrestling Observer Radio," Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed McMahon's legal strategy. Alvarez theorized that McMahon's goal was to have the suit move to arbitration, where it would be resolved quickly and quietly with the case's details being kept from the general public, while at the same time airing his side of the story out in the open in order to improve his public standing. 

Meltzer seconded the theory, and stated the strategy was an attempt by McMahon's team to rehabilitate him, as McMahon is looking towards resuming his career in business once the lawsuit is over, with a venture Meltzer claimed has nothing to do with wrestling. As such, McMahon is looking to paint Grant out to be "this crazy, lying woman" whom he showed bad judgment towards by having an affair with her, while also saying Grant's claims are untrue, and her text message exchanges with McMahon were taken out of context. It's a strategy McMahon is apparently willing to spare no expense on, as Meltzer noted that McMahon was looking to hire "the best lawyers that money can buy in New York."