AEW Collision & Rampage Viewership & Ratings Report: 5/11/24

As the NBA and NHL Playoffs have run rough shot over wrestling this past month, "AEW Collision" has been the one exception, thanks to an episode two weeks ago that, with the help of an NBA lead-in, drew some of the highest ratings in the show's history. After a one week layoff, no NBA lead-in, and a network shift, however, "Collision" finally felt the wrath of playoff hockey and basketball this past Saturday.


Wrestlenomics reports that Saturday's "Collision" drew 378K total viewers and 0.12 in the coveted 18-49 demographic. As expected, both categories were well down from two week earlier, with total viewership falling 39% from 621K while 18-49 dropped 43% from 0.21. The numbers were slightly down, but more in line, with the four week average, with total viewership 19% off from 464K, while 18-49 was only down 8% from 0.13.

"Collision" was immediately followed by "AEW Rampage," which drew 324K total viewers and 0.11 in 18-49. "Rampage" was also down from the previous week, which aired immediately after "Dynamite," falling off 25% from 431K in total viewership, while 18-49 dipped 27% from 0.15. One notable positive is that "Rampage" largely maintained "Collision's" audience, losing only 54K total viewers, and only dropping 1 point in the key demo.


Both "Collision" and "Rampage" aired on TBS as opposed to their regular network, TNT, which aired Game 4 of the New York Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes and Game 3 of the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche back-to-back. Both games topped the night on cable, with Rangers-Hurricanes drawing 1.542 million and 0.48, while Stars-Avalanche did 1.331 and 0.50. "Collision" and "Rampage" also went against UFC Fight Night on ESPN, which drew 903K and 0.32, and Game 3 of the NBA's Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers series on ABC.