AEW Collision Viewership & Ratings Report: 4/27/24

April has been the month of "AEW Collision" having some strong lead-ins, even as the show has aired outside of its timeslot. The first instance was back on April 6, when "Collision" aired late Saturday night following coverage of the NCAA Final Four, leading to the show drawing a strong rating and beginning a trend of solid viewership throughout the month. This past Saturday night, however, with "Collision" airing nearly a half an hour outside of its timeslot following the NBA Playoffs, the show drew some of its strongest viewership in the history of the show.


Wrestlenomics reports that Saturday's "Collision" drew 621K total viewers and 0.21 in the all-too-important 18-49 demographic. Both numbers were way up from last week, with total viewership rising 35% from 461K, while 18-49 was up even higher, ballooning an incredible 62% from 0.13. In total viewership, Saturday's show was the third highest number "Collision" has ever drawn, trailing only the debut episode on June 17, 2023, and the July 29, 2023 episode, which drew 816K and 739K respectively.

The lead-in from the NBA surely contributed to "Collision's" strong night, with Game 3 of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans series drawing 3.043 million and 1.00 in 18-49. "Collision" also held up well despite competition from the NHL and UFC Fight Night, which drew 1.138 million and 0.41, and 660K and 0.22 respectively. One negative for AEW is that "Rampage," which immediately followed "Collision," was unable to keep the momentum as it had the week before. The show drew only 293K total viewers and 0.09 in 18-49, dropping 26% from last week's 397K, and 31% from 0.13.