Kenny Omega Identifies His AEW Matches He Thinks Are Underrated

Since the inception of AEW in 2019, the company has produced some memorable matches of the modern era, and several include Kenny Omega. From his 30-minute draw with Bryan Danielson to him and Hangman Page defeating The Young Bucks at Revolution 2020, and also the inaugural Stadium Stampede match during the COVID-19 pandemic, Omega has been involved in a lot of AEW's most celebrated matches.


It's because of this that some matches that are considered great by many fans often get forgotten, leading them to be considered underrated. Omega was asked which of his AEW matches he thinks are underrated on a recent Twitch stream

"There's two that come to mind right away, it's my first match against Christian [Cage], and the Iron Man match against PAC." The match with Cage took place on the first-ever episode of "AEW Rampage," with Omega losing the Impact Wrestling World Championship in the process, while the match with PAC took place three days before the aforementioned tag team match against The Young Bucks at Revolution 2020.

Omega was also feeling a bit confident during his Twitch stream as he decided to call out people who don't think the matches with PAC and Cage aren't good. 


"People just forget this s**t, and if you even try to compare that to what a lot of stuff that's like now, just f**king ... just give it a shot. And if you try to tell me, you f**king try to tell me that other stuff is better or like, 'Oh, that was way back when, that's old and not as good,' shut the f**k up, get out of here, get out of town." Omega was, of course, only half-joking as he said all this.

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