Former WWE Head Writer Brian Gewirtz Teases Next Chapter Of The Rock Vs. Cody Rhodes

After a year of seemingly running after something he would never kill, Cody Rhodes finally got the last laugh over Roman Reigns, defeating the Bloodline leader to "finish the story" and capture the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Night Two of WrestleMania 40. But while that story may be over, Rhodes' issues with The Rock appear to still be simmering, thanks to Rock's own victory over Rhodes on WrestleMania's first night, and a confrontation between Rhodes and Rock on "Raw" days later.


On an episode of "The Masked Man Show" last week, Rock's creative collaborator, Brian Gewirtz, discussed his view on The Rock and Rhodes' rivalry. Though he stopped short of confirming that Rock and Rhodes would face off again down the line, he made clear there was a creative vision that stretched beyond this year's WrestleMania, and strongly hinted there was more to come.

"We've always envisioned that ending of WrestleMania and the 'Raw' after WrestleMania too, as somewhat of the equivalent of Darth Vader at the end of 'Star Wars' kind of getting spun out, but not killed," Gewirtz said. "And the babyfaces have their moment, and they have their big medal ceremony on Yevin and everything, and Darth Vader kind of just is checking his ship, making sure it's okay, and zooming out, and 'This ain't over yet.'


"You have no idea what's coming next, and that's I think kind of...there's a lot of Darth Vader/Luke Skywaker to Rock and Cody Rhodes, even though, you know...obviously, he's not his father or anything. But there's still a lot of...parallels between that...That's, I feel, going to continue, because he flat out said it. It's like 'Your story with Roman's over. Ours is just beginning.' And then he handed him the thing. And we'll see where that goes."

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