Konnan Questions How This WWE Star Is Booked

Former WCW star Konnan has wondered why WWE doesn't push Natalya more, despite her excellent ability inside the ring.

Natalya is one of the veterans of the women's locker room, having been a part of WWE since the 2000s. Konnan, while reviewing the May 6 edition of "WWE Raw" on his "K100" podcast, was puzzled as to why WWE has Natalya lose often, following her first-round loss to Iyo Sky in the Queen of the Ring tournament


"Yeah, it was good [the match between Natalya and Iyo Sky]. Natalya is always in shape, looks good, can still go, but she never wins, they never take her seriously," said Konnan. "But I don't know why they do her like that."

Fellow panelist Disco Inferno agreed with Konnan, and also questioned why WWE broke up the tag team of Natalya and Tamina, arguing that they were a good tag team. He emphasized how the WWE women's division doesn't have tag teams that are together for a long time like the men's roster has with The New Day and The Street Profits. Disco Inferno believes that WWE could have made Natalya and Tamina the "focal point" of the women's tag team division, which Konnan thought was a good idea.


Natalya recently admitted that she wants to do more in the company and revealed that she has constantly been fighting for it. She also hoped that 2024 would be the year she would be able to achieve greater things. While she's been in WWE for nearly two decades, the Canadian star has no plans to retire anytime soon. Natalya's last singles title run came back in 2017 when she held the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship, while she and her former tag team partner, Tamina, held the Women's Tag Team titles in 2021.