Former WWE Writer Freddie Prinze Jr. Discusses Wyatt 6 Faction Rumors

While the group hasn't physically appeared on TV yet, there have been plenty of hints that a new stable, with an aesthetic similar to that of the late Bray Wyatt, will debut soon, headed by Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas, in his Uncle Howdy persona. Some of the teases have been cryptic, with a similar viral campaign one used when Wyatt returned to WWE in 2022, and some have been reported, such as the inclusion of Joe Gacy, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and returning Erick Rowan, who reportedly re-signed with WWE earlier this year


While there's plenty of anticipation for the group, there is also some skepticism from some, including Freddie Prinze Jr. Recently on "Wrestling with Freddie," the "She's All That" star and former WWE writer admitted he felt uneasy about a Wyatt themed stable without Wyatt, though he is willing to give it a shot before passing judgment.

"I want to stay open minded," Prinze Jr. said. "I haven't done any of the QR codes, so I don't know any of the answers to the secrets. But I have seen stuff on Instagram when I scroll through Instagram when I'm bored, and I see people speculate that there's going to be this Wyatt 6 or Wyatt 5...and I've seen people speculate as to who's going to be in it. 

"Look, if they have the right person or people talking, and the right people and person wrestling, it can work to various degrees. They've made Judgment Day work sometimes, sometimes they don't give them any story. They've made LWO work sometimes, sometimes not enough story, you know what I mean? So it can work. I just [think] without Bray, it's going to be a tougher sell."


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