Eric Bischoff Says This WWE Star Brings A Level Of Heat That's 'Hard To Find'

Liv Morgan has been on a hell of a run over the past week, having captured the WWE Women's World Championship from Becky Lynch at King and Queen of the Ring, followed by her potentially running Lynch out of the company a few days later on "Raw," after defeating Lynch in a stee cage match. Morgan has had help along the way, however, as she's received an unlikely, and seeming inadvertent, assist in both matches from Judgment Day's Dominik Mysterio, leading to Morgan repaying Mysterio with a kiss on Monday.


Prior to the events on "Raw," Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson discussed the happenings at King and Queen of the Ring on "83 Weeks." While the story so far has suggested Mysterio's actions towards Morgan have been more antagonistic than helpful, Bischoff still sees the two being paired together onscreen. He believes that will prove to be beneficial to Morgan, thanks to how hated Mysterio's character has become.

"What I hope is going to happen is...Dom brings a level of heat that's hard to find to an equation that perhaps lacks heat, meaning Liv," Bischoff said. "She's a heel, she is portraying a heel character, but that something [that's] missing is an organic, authentic heel character. I almost get the feeling like she's still trying to be a heel as opposed to having become a heel. And I think with Dom, perhaps that missing element that I referred to, is exactly the solution that will help her begin to feel the difference between an effort to be a heel and becoming a natural heel, if that makes sense."


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