WWE Star Austin Theory Discusses Pairing With Grayson Waller

The partnership between Grayson Waller and Austin Theory spontaneously began last summer as the two teamed up to face the likes of The Brawling Brutes and the Latino World Order on "WWE SmackDown." Bonded by their similar, sometimes bold, mindsets, Waller and Theory gradually worked their way to the top of the "SmackDown" tag team division, where they now reside as the WWE Tag Team Champions. During a recent interview with the "Battleground Podcast," Theory opened up about his growing relationship with Waller.


"We're two dudes that are young. We're hungry. We know the abilities and the skills and the talent that we both have," Theory said. "The thing about us both is we're not willing to shadow those talents or those gifts or whatever we feel like can propel us to the next level. We're very outgoing and we want to show the world. People might perceive that as arrogant or cocky or feel like, 'Oh I don't like these guys,' but it is what it is because we know how to be successful, and we're not going to stop."

"Everybody hated when we got thrown together," Theory continued. "They were like 'Oh this doesn't make sense. This is dumb,' and saying all these things they always do because they always got something to say whether you're doing good or bad. But look at us now — undefeated tag team champions."


The reign of Theory and Waller, now known as A-Town Down Under, reached a high point at WrestleMania 40 as they, along with the Awesome Truth, claimed a pair of WWE's prestigious tag titles. While the Awesome Truth captured the "WWE Raw" Tag Team Championships, A-Town Down Under seized possession of the "SmackDown" Tag Team Championships. These sets of belts have since been renamed to the World Tag Team Championships, and WWE Tag Team Championships, respectively.

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