Photos: Liv Morgan Shows Off WWE Women's World Championship At Bad Boys Premiere

Liv Morgan is on a roll at the moment. She beat Becky Lynch for the WWE Women's World Championship at King and the Queen of the Ring and made headlines after kissing Dominik Mysterio on this week's "WWE Raw." However, Morgan took a break from WWE business to make an appearance on the red carpet, sharing pictures from the premiere of "Bad Boys: Ride or Die." 


""Bad Girl" at the @BadBoys movie premiere 😎✨ Thank you for having me @SonyPictures 😊 Im innocent y'all 😇"

While she might be in the main event scene today, this wasn't always the case for Morgan. In an out-of-character interview ahead of the King and Queen of the Ring premium live event, Morgan looked back at her early days in "NXT" and noted that they were overwhelming. The champion assumed that she would immediately be good at wrestling as she was a fan beforehand. Furthermore, Morgan even admitted that she was bad for a long time, and that the pressure added to her feeling overwhelmed.


Even Morgan admits that she's come a long way from her days in "NXT," and with major feuds with Lynch and the build up to her eventual clash with Rhea Ripley down the line, it seems like she's earned her red carpet walk. Only time will tell if she'll be able to break into mainstream popularity or not, but it seems like WWE has enough confidence in their champion to allow her to represent the promotion in public. Morgan has also appeared on "Chucky" in the past, suggesting that she's interested in acting.