Cryptic Post From WWE Champion Cody Rhodes Has Fans Speculating Ahead Of SmackDown

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes is advertised for tonight's "WWE SmackDown" in Albany, New York, and many are expecting him to begin a new program with his next challenger after defeating United States Champion Logan Paul at King & Queen of the Ring. Prior to "SmackDown," however, Rhodes sent his fanbase into something of an uproar with a cryptic post on X (formerly known as Twitter).


"Never know when it might be your last match," Rhodes wrote. "Always revel in those moments." The simple message was followed by a blue heart emoji and a "SmackDown" hashtag.

While the meaning of the vague post remains entirely unclear, it's unlikely that the reigning champion, who ended the 1,316-day reign of Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 40 Night 2, is teasing his own impending retirement. Instead, many fans had a different interpretation on their minds — that Rhodes might be getting involved in the upcoming debut of the reported (and by now heavily teased) new stable themed around the late Windham Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt. "Never known when it might be your last match" was seen by these fans as a reference to Wyatt, who died unexpectedly in August 2023, with what turned out to be his last match taking place at that year's Royal Rumble. The word "revel" was also seen as a sign, as "revel in what you are" was a prominent catchphrase connected to Wyatt's final WWE run ever since his return in October 2022. The speculation grew intense enough that "Uncle Howdy" — the Wyatt-centric character and presumed Wyatt 6 leader portrayed by Wyatt's brother, Taylor Rotunda — briefly trended on X.


Other fans saw the tweet as a reference to AJ Styles, who Rhodes defeated at Backlash France in April, but who has teased challenging for the championship one more time as he prepares to potentially wrap up his illustrious career.