Eric Bischoff Says We Are 'Watching The Future Unfold' With This WWE Star

Bron Breakker continues to turn heads, inside and outside of WWE. One of the latest individuals to praise Breakker's recent work is Eric Bischoff, who once worked closely with Breakker's father and uncle in WCW. Speaking on "Wise Choices," Bischoff explained what he sees in the young star.


"I think we are watching the future unfold before our very eyes," Bischoff said. "There are others, but Bron in particular. I'm so excited for him because he's got so much ability, he's got the look, he's got the athleticism, he's got the instinct."

Having spent the last few years in the WWE Performance Center and on "WWE NXT," Breakker was called up to the main roster earlier this year. He's recently been waging war against "WWE Raw" GM Adam Pearce after failing to qualify for the WWE King of the Ring tournament.

Though he admitted he hasn't paid close attention to the current storyline, Bischoff has a great deal of faith in Breakker's main roster run. The former WCW executive said that Breakker was given a great deal of time to develop and should transition seamlessly to the company's top-level TV shows.


"There's a learning curve, but it's not gonna be evident to those of us who are just watching for fun," Bischoff continued. "He's gonna be so ready for this and I'm excited."

Breakker's latest match came during Monday's "Raw," when he defeated Ricochet in an eight-minute bout that included an eye-catching Frankensteiner from the top rope. Another recent NXT call-up, Ilja Dragunov, confronted Breakker after the match, likely setting up Breakker's next feud with an opponent that has caused him trouble in the past. While Breakker has overcome Dragunov in a Triple Threat match previously, Dragunov defeated Breakker the last time the two clashed on an episode of "NXT."

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