MJF Reacts To Fans Chanting His Name During Triple H Appearance On Pat McAfee's Show

It was a long six-months, but former AEW World Champion MJF is finally was back where he belongs at AEW Double or Nothing, returning to exact revenge on former friend Adam Cole, announcing he had signed a long-term deal with AEW, and revealing he'd be reverting back to his old, hateful persona compared to the friendlier MJF seen at the end of 2023. Yet, while MJF is looking towards the future, he also can't help but bring up things from the recent past, even if they happened away from AEW's realm.


In an interview with "Sports Illustrated," MJF discussed an occurrence from "The Pat McAfee Show" back over WrestleMania weekend, when the fans started chanting for the "Salt of the Earth" while Triple H was discussing MJF's former ally, Cody Rhodes. While MJF still may have plenty of love for Rhodes, or as much love as one can have for a person they once betrayed, he couldn't help but note what it meant for his name to be chanted for in that situation.

"Cody Rhodes is a mentor of mine," MJF said. "I f*****g love the guy. I love the Rhodes-a-coaster. But when Triple H is doing an interview on one of the biggest sports shows, whose name were they cheering in the background? My name. I'm not just the biggest star in AEW. I'm one of the biggest stars in the history of the f*****g business."


MJF will have another chance to prove just that tonight on "AEW Dynamite," when he makes his first appearance on AEW's flagship show since December. While it's not entirely clear where MJF goes from here, he may have to watch his back regarding Rush, who issued a warning to the returning star last week.