WWE's Finn Balor Makes His Thoughts On Liv Morgan Pretty Clear

The Judgment Day is seemingly not happy with the games that WWE Women's World Champion Liv Morgan is trying to play with Dominik Mysterio, which Judgment Day member Finn Balor has reiterated with a series of tweets.


Following this week's "WWE Raw," where Balor in no uncertain terms stated that the group doesn't want anything to do with her, he posted two tweets to restate his stance. The first tweet showed a cock and the block emoji, perhaps hinting that he will step in to save Dominik from Morgan's devious ways. The second tweet featured him and Mysterio in the frame together, with an incomplete caption reading "Bro's before..," with him once again backing his Judgment Day partner.

On the past week's "Raw," Morgan spoke about her kiss with Dominik Mysterio from the previous week's show, after the Judgment Day member interfered in Morgan's match with Becky Lynch and inadvertently helped her retain her title. Morgan told Mysterio that she intends to take him away from Rhea Ripley, and gloated about how she injured Ripley. Balor then came to Mysterio's aid and told her that Dominik and the Judgment Day don't want to be involved with her, but Morgan persisted and continued to flirt with Dominik before Balor came in between.


The storyline between Morgan and Mysterio, as well as the Judgment Day, is heating up and WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray predicts Dominik and the rest of the group will "cave in" to Morgan's ways.