STARDOM Founder Says WWE CCO Triple Gave Him 'The Push' He Needed To Launch Marigold

In April, Rossy Ogawa unveiled his new venture, Marigold, after being ousted by World Wonder Ring STARDOM — the company he founded — under allegations of talent poaching in February. He was also seen standing next to William Regal at "WWE NXT" Stand & Deliver earlier that month, with it since becoming clear that Marigold and WWE have an amicable relationship, especially as it pertains to the future of former World of STARDOM Champion Giulia.


In a Japanese language interview with "Sports Graphic Number," Ogawa credited WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque with nudging him towards founding Marigold during an online meeting between the two men back in December.

"Triple H told me 'I want to help you with whatever you want to do, whether it's with STARDOM or as a solo artist,'" Ogawa said. "He gave me the push I needed."

At the time, Ogawa was still STARDOM's executive producer, but he also said that he had been considering a new venture since the spring of 2023, claiming there were "voices asking for it." This would seem to support the allegations of talent poaching from Bushiroad, exemplified by Marigold's signing of Giulia after the former World of STARDOM Champion departed the promotion at the end of March. Giulia is reportedly expected to join the "WWE NXT" roster later this year (though that now appears to depend on her recovery from a wrist injury suffered during a Marigold show) but only once she has completely wrapped up commitments with Ogawa's venture.


Ogawa founded STARDOM in 2010 alongside All Japan Women's veteran Nanae Takahashi and former pro wrestler and mixed martial artist Fuka Kakimoto. It was announced in October 2019 that Bushiroad had acquired the promotion, bringing it under the same umbrella as NJPW to become its sister brand.