Dave Meltzer Discusses Recent TNA Backstage Changes

Last year, Impact Wrestling reverted to its old moniker, TNA, and a short time later, its parent company Anthem terminated TNA President Scott D'Amore. Another wave of important changes arrived over the last several weeks, with TNA backstage figures like RD Evans and Lou D'Angeli being fired or leaving for various reasons. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, writer Dave Meltzer dug further into the news, discussing some of the other changes that may be ahead for the company.


Regarding rumors that TNA may be going live each week from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Meltzer said that D'Angeli was "the point guy" for the deal, and Full Sail's interest has since declined. However, there is still a degree of hope that a deal could come together, despite concern from some talent about the prospect of a weekly live show. Additionally, Anthem has yet to fill all of the roles of the people they've let go, with the belief being that the company will seek to outsource some of those positions.

All of this comes in the midst of a working relationship between TNA and WWE, which began with TNA star Jordynne Grace appearing at January's WWE Royal Rumble. It's now become clear this will be a recurring partnership, with Grace currently preparing to challenge Roxanne Perez for the WWE NXT Women's Championship this Sunday at NXT Battleground.


According to Meltzer, TNA officials were disappointed when the ratings came in for the latest episode of "TNA Impact!" and it failed to crack the top 150 shows for the day. There was an expectation that Grace's "NXT" appearance would have an effect, but "Impact!" failed to reach beyond a 0.01 rating in the 18-49 demographic.