Dave Meltzer Discusses Ricochet's WWE Contract Status

Ricochet reportedly intends to leave WWE at the end of his contract, which is set to expire in the coming weeks. That story took another turn on June 9 when Dave Meltzer claimed Ricochet's decision is "up in the air," while other reports stated Ricochet hadn't changed his mind and would be leaving. With all that said, Meltzer offered up another update on the "Wrestling Observer Radio," noting that he believes the former WWE Intercontinental Champion is in fact on his way out of WWE. 


"He's leaving most likely," Meltzer said. "It's not like 'official' official. This morning it was, 'He was up in the air on this.' He was basically up in the air, not signed the contract. WWE had been...kind of I guess with the idea he was leaving, they did have ideas for him in case he stayed. They may write him out on TV this week, but I was told this afternoon he did in fact make a decision. What his decision is, that I don't know, but I think most people have him leaving. I think that's the safest bet of it."

Meltzer noted that a lot of people in AEW want him to join the company, with Will Ospreay having already making it clear that he wants Ricochet to jump ship. Meltzer also said that he expects Ricochet to join AEW in the near future as the company would fit the former WWE Intercontinental Champion better stylistically. 


Please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.