Goldberg Recalls WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Not Thinking He Deserved It

While Bill Goldberg has not competed in a wrestling ring since being defeated by Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022, the former WWE Universal Champion still makes headlines. His recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio," for example, quickly became a talking point amongst wrestling fans due to his shots taken at Bret Hart —  but Goldberg also discussed his experience being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and the "whole plethora of emotions" that came with said induction.


"There's so much of a responsibility on a night like that," said Goldberg. "I didn't have as much fun as I should've had, because I never really live in the moment."

Despite his gratitude and enthusiasm for being inducted, Goldberg found it "overwhelming" and "undeserved," recognizing that he did not strive to be a wrestler his entire life the way others did.

"For so many people who have dedicated their lives to the craft, I always will forever feel guilty that I get any accolade," he said.

Goldberg initially had ambitions in professional football. However, he found that in wrestling, he still got to achieve his dream of setting a good example for kids.

"My goal was to do it in the NFL and it got cut short," said Goldberg. "I found out that being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was bigger for the goal that I wanted to accomplish than ever being in the NFL Hall of Fame."


Goldberg has not been under contract with WWE since his previous deal expired in 2022. There have been rumors of him potentially joining AEW, but he shut those rumors down earlier this year.

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