Drew McIntyre Taunts CM Punk On WWE Raw, Declares Intent To Win Money In The Bank

Following his beatdown of CM Punk in Chicago on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown" just days after saying he quit the company on last week's "WWE Raw," Drew McIntyre appeared Monday night on "WWE Raw" to taunt his arch nemesis. He also said he would be winning the Money in the Bank contract and cashing in it the same night to become World Heavyweight Champion while Punk "watches in misery" at home.


McIntyre kicked off the show-opening promo by saying fans were all talking about him "quitting," but now they're talking about him attacking Punk. He said he was done with fans chanting for the "Second City Saint," berating them for still chanting Punk's name despite the fact that Punk cost him the title he had promised to bring home to his sick wife.

"The Scottish Psychopath" showed the audience a beaded friendship bracelet he stole from Punk's wrist on Friday that said "Larry," Punk's dog, and "AJ," meaning former WWE star AJ Lee, Punk's real-life wife. He said he's going to "answer" the Money in the Bank ladder match and he now has Punk's family "in his corner" after he put the bracelet on his own wrist. He said he's going to win the upcoming ladder match in Toronto, Canada on July 6 while Punk watches in "pain and misery." Despite saying he's going to win the ladder match and declaring for it, McIntyre has not won a qualifying match as of this writing, or been officially announced for the match at the premium live event.