Triple H Names One Big Change WWE Raw Will See When It Moves To Netflix

The start of 2025 will mark a historic move in professional wrestling as "WWE Raw" leaves cable and begins streaming live on Netflix. Making a recent appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," former wrestler and WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque teased some of what fans can expect to change when the show hits streaming.


"Right now, just as an example of us being on Fox, if the crowd chants, 'Holy s**t' or something much worse, they just take that audio," Levesque said. "We won't have those issues [on] Netflix."

Levesque and "Raw" commentator McAfee recalled a "WWE SmackDown" from earlier this year involving Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that was blacked out by the network. That, along with other instances of audio and video censorship, caused a flurry of discussion in the lead-up to WWE WrestleMania 40. The executive stated that the lack of censorship is just one of the many changes that will come with the move to streaming. More importantly, "Raw" is set to air live across the globe.

"It's a game-changing moment," Levesque continued. "I think in many ways, not to disparage other partners because we want to be everywhere, but [streaming is] sort of where the world is heading."


Other major TV mainstays such as the NFL are slowly but surely entering the world of streaming, and Levesque said that sports and media brands will be looking to WWE next year to see how the transition goes. Along with watching the changes that the company makes, Levesque believes these businesses will also pay attention to the fan reaction to the move.

"Raw" is set to begin its Netflix run in January, with the company's premium live events hitting the platform internationally. For now, "SmackDown" and "WWE NXT" have different TV deals, but Levesque has previously teased more WWE content hitting Netflix in the future.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "The Pat McAfee Show" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.