WWE Alum Jonathan Coachman Addresses Infamous Wyatt Sicks Photo, Judgment Day Story

Since debuting weeks ago, the Wyatt Sicks stable has become one of the most talked about acts in wrestling, from stalking of Chad Gable to the sit down discussions Bo Dallas has with his alter ego Uncle Howdy. But for some, the biggest talking point regarding the group remains a photo they took with a fan at Whataburger the night of their debut, which has drawn such polarizing responses, and flip flops of opinion, that it has taken on a life of its own.


Now, Jonathan Coachman is ready to weigh in on the matter. Speaking with "Busted Open Radio" on Tuesday, the former WWE announcer took the same position as Bully Ray initially had, expressing disbelief that the Wyatt Sicks took that photo and saying stuff like that "drives me insane." Coachman went as far to say the group shot themselves in the foot with the photo, while also criticizing another WWE storyline for breaking kayfabe.

"First of all, why are all six of you in the same place?" Coachman said. "Travel separately. Make it so when you show up to a hotel, you don't see everybody...Play into that character that everybody wishes that they have one shot of doing in pro wrestling. If you get one gimmick that hits, look at any of the big stars. You get that one gimmick, all of a sudden, Stone Cold, Taker, whatever it is. Why would you ruin that after night one?


"And I was thinking about that with Dom. You have all of these storylines about he can't turn down Liv. Liv's so sensual, so...borderline sexual type of storyline, and then you're leading up to it. Then you post pictures of your wedding with your real life wife? It doesn't make any sense to me. I would never do it."

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