Malakai Black Makes Scary Admission About Recent Injury

Those who have been watching "AEW Dynamite" or "AEW Rampage" consistently will have noticed that House of Black leader Malakai Black hasn't wrestled all that much recently, with his last match coming nearly a month ago on "Rampage". And according to Black, there's a very good reason for that.

Early Monday afternoon, Black posted a pair of videos, and a message, on TikTok, talking about the struggle he had been going through with his back.

"Till about 3 months ago I was dealing with a back injury I was convinced was going to force me into retirement, but after a literal year of treatment that went from working to complete failure on several occasions, we all of a sudden hit the correct vertebrae during a dry needling session and everything released," Black said. "From there we were able to rehab and strengthen. You can check video 2 for this horrendous view and my personal reaction to it. However, allowing me now a few months later to slowly move back into deadlifting and a few more compound moves."

In the first video, Black was shown in the gym doing three deadlift reps. The second video was not as pleasant, as Black was shown on a table during a dry needling session, with three needles being stuck into his lower back. The AEW star was in noticeable pain during this session, commenting on it several times and at one point seemingly banging his hand against the table after the final needle was stuck into him.

Despite this injury that has plagued him since his AEW debut last year, Black has remained a steady presence on AEW programming, both through his backstage promos and in the ring with House of Black members Brody King and Buddy Matthews, who has also been absent due to injury and because he was working a tour in his native Australia. At the moment, Black is involved in a program with Miro, who is debating whether or not to join the House of Black after Black sprayed the mist into his eyes at AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door.