Tyson Fury Makes Huge Announcement About His Pro Boxing Future

Tyson Fury has made a decision when it comes to his future in boxing. The Heavyweight fighter stands with an undefeated record of 33-0-1 and has held numerous boxing titles, all by the age of 34. To most in the boxing world, Fury is considered to be the lineal champion which, in Ric Flair terms, means he's "the man who beat the man." Fury last fought on April 23 defeating Dillon White to retain his WBC and The Ring Heavyweight Championships.

Like Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano before him, Fury has stepped inside the squared circle and joins Ali in actually competing in the wrestling ring. While Ali notoriously took on Antonio Inoki back in 1976 in what was a controversial crossover fight, Fury competed at WWE Crown Jewel in 2019 against Braun Strowma. The prizefighter was victorious over the fellow big man after a count-out finish. Since then, Fury has teased the notion of getting back in a WWE ring again.

'Bon Voyage' On His Birthday

Fury took to his Instagram on Friday afternoon to reveal to the world that he was retiring from boxing competition.

"Massive thanks to everyone who had an input in my career over the years," Fury wrote. "After long hard conversations, I've finally decided to walk away and on my 34th birthday I say, 'bon voyage.'"

Fury went on to thank numerous promoters, fighters, trainers, and media outlets before apologizing in case he forgot anyone. He ended his statement by thanking his wife Paris and giving props to the "Big Man Upstairs."

From a pro wrestling perspective, Fury's retirement opens the door even further for a WWE return. The timing seems near serendipitous with WWE Clash At The Castle happening later this month, right in Fury's backyard of Cardiff. Before Drew McIntyre was booked to battle Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship at the premiere live event, the original speculation was that McIntyre could face Fury. Both McIntyre and Fury have exchanged words in interviews recently calling each other out. 

McIntyre recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about the possibility of Fury's involvement at Clash At The Castle to which McIntyre said, "maybe."

"You see his character, how outspoken he is, very much like a pro wrestler, sports entertainer. When he was with us, he had such a respect and passion for our industry."