Jungle Boy Reveals The Best Advice His Father Luke Perry Gave Him

It's easy to forget that Jungle Boy isn't just a former AEW World Tag Team Champion and the archnemesis of his mentor-turned-rival Christian Cage, but is also the son of late actor Luke Perry. That father and son connection has been mentioned on several episodes of "Dynamite" in the past, and has really become a focus point since the start of the rivalry between Cage and Jungle Boy.

In an appearance on Steven's Wrestling Journey, Jungle Boy talked a bit about his father, and revealed the best piece of advice Perry ever gave him. "I think the best advice that my dad gave me, I guess it applies to work, it applies to everything, he always used to tell my sister and I before he dropped us off at school, was 'The most important thing you can do is to be as nice as you can to as many people as you can,'" Jungle Boy said. "And I think, whether it's work or just your life or whatever, I think it's just a good kind of thing to live your life by.

"There's so much negativity out there, so many bad things happen all the time. When you can, I think it's good to be positive, to be nice to people, because everyone's going through stuff," he continued. "I'm not perfect, I definitely have people that I don't like. But I try for the most part to be as nice as I can be to everyone." It's not surprising to learn that Perry gave this kind of advice to his son, as the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star had a reputation for being a nice guy.

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