Gangrel Discusses Whether Edge Or Christian Cage Have Had The Bigger Career

Gangrel was in two well-known and evil-themed factions in WWE history alongside Edge and Christian, the Ministry of Darkness led by The Undertaker, and The Brood, where Gangrel acted as leader. Edge and Christian both found great success in their careers, however, Edge found more notoriety and championships. Gangrel discussed why he believes Edge's pro wrestling resume eclipsed his longtime friend's.

"His personality, maybe his – well, they knew that they wanted him right away," WWE legend Gangrel said while on "Busted Open." "He's taller, you know, bigger frame on him, size was better. He's great on the microphone. He has a certain smile that you just can't imitate. It's just that 'it' look, he had that 'it' look ... He's got such an aura, an energy. His energy is just amazing."

Over his more than 20-year career, Edge has won the WWE Tag Team Championship 13 times, the Intercontinental Championship five times, the World Championship 11 times, and the Royal Rumble twice (2010 & 2021).

Edge entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 following his retirement from wrestling in 2011 due to neck injuries. However, the "Rated-R Superstar" came out of retirement at Royal Rumble 2020.

Christian had a similar run to Edge in that he has also had a more than 20-year career, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship nine times, the Intercontinental Championship four times, and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. Injuries forced Christian to retire from wrestling in 2014. However, like his former tag team partner, he would not stay retired. In 2021, Christian made his return at the Royal Rumble and is currently wrestling for AEW.

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