Update On Recent Backstage Meeting's Impact On AEW Locker Room

Before "AEW Dynamite" this week, Tony Khan held a mandatory talent meeting backstage to address numerous topics, with himself, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho all talking to the roster. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the general feeling was that the meeting went well, however there we a sense that the biggest issues were not smoothed over during this. 

The main issue that AEW is reportedly dealing with right now is the aftermath of how Colt Cabana has been treated, with the veteran wrestler no longer being part of The Dark Order. He has since been transitioned to the Ring Of Honor roster – reportedly for the same money, and it is believed that CM Punk has had an influence on this situation, which has been the catalyst for his problems with "Hangman" Adam Page. Punk called out Page in a reportedly unscripted moment on a recent "Dynamite" broadcast.

That wasn't a situation that got addressed during the recent meeting, and is therefore still bubbling over. On top of that, there is reportedly an issue of talent being unhappy over television time, in terms of both matches and storylines. Of course, AEW has a large roster, and far less time than WWE does when it comes to television exposure, which means not everyone can be used on a weekly basis. That issue coupled with the fact that there have been significant changes behind the scenes in WWE mean the dynamics could change when contracts begin to expire in AEW. A significant number of talent that felt they couldn't be stars under Vince McMahon have reportedly changed their perception and now believe things could be different.