Nikki A.S.H. Potentially Injured During SmackDown Taping

On the most recent episode of "WWE SmackDown" on FOX, a "last chance" fatal-four-way tag team match took place as part of the ongoing Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament. While most of the match went smoothly, the ending had many people worried about Nikki A.S.H.'s knee. After receiving a superplex from Dana Brooke onto the other participants outside the ring, A.S.H. immediately grabbed her knee and had trouble returning to the ring. Sonya Deville quickly threw Nikki into the ring and pinned her, winning the match for herself and Natalya. 

Following the match, it was clear that A.S.H. was struggling to walk, with Doudrop, her tag team partner, having to carry her backstage after. Videos of the ringside doctor examing her have since surfaced on social media, leading to speculation about A.S.H.'s current condition. According to WrestlingNews, it's believed that the Scottish Superstar has picked up an injury, though the extent of it remains unclear.

However, it does come at an incredibly unfortunate time for both A.S.H. and the women's tag team division as a whole. The Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament, which confirmed its two finalists on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown," has gone through various alterations due to injuries suffered by Zoey Stark and Gigi Dolan in recent weeks.

Following the injury, A.S.H. and Doudrop were seen arguing in the background of a backstage segment focused on Sonya Deville and Natalya, though it remains to be seen whether this was any indication of A.S.H.'s injury status as of yet. If she is cleared to compete, many people believe that Doudrop and the "Almost Super Hero" could end their tag team sometime in the near future.