Matt Cardona Teases Identity Of Upcoming NWA Mystery Opponent

Just before he was meant to defend the NWA Championship at "Alwayz Ready," an event named after his catchphrase, Matt Cardona suffered a torn bicep. Due to the injury, he was forced to vacate the historic title, along with the myriad of other championships the former Zack Ryder held at the time. However, Cardona is set to make his in-ring return just three months later following a successful surgery in May 2022. He steps back into the NWA ring on the first night of the company's 74th-anniversary show on August 27, 2022, against an opponent that he handpicked himself. And though this opponent remains a mystery, he has offered a hint as to who it could be.

When this stipulation was announced, many expected that he would challenge whoever was holding the Ten Pounds of Gold at the time. Although, in an interview with TV Insider, the Long Island native dispelled rumors that he's eying an NWA Championship match right away. Instead, it will be a never-seen-before match-up, according to the former WWE superstar. 

"It's a mystery to everyone else, but not to me. It is a first-time match. I know people think I'm going to Money in the Bank cash-in style on Trevor Murdoch or Tyrus. I'm not going to do that." 

He continued, "Don't worry. I got someone in mind. I think this person is the future of NWA. Let's see if this kid can hang." There are a number of possibilities as the NWA has featured a number of up-and-comers since its relaunch in 2017. But a number of them like Kerry Morton or Colby Corino already have matches on "NWA 74." It would be funny if it were Ricky Morton, but that match happened in GCW. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see who Cardona picks.