Jimmy Smith Breaks Down Recent 'Hot Mic' WWE Raw Moment

The heated interview between Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Riddle on this past Monday's "Raw" has the wrestling world talking. While the two were originally set to come face-to-face with one another in the ring, it was changed to keep them in separate locations after the pair got into an altercation in the arena parking lot earlier that day. After the interview concluded and the show went to a commercial break, Rollins, realizing his mic was still on, took a shot at Riddle about his ex-wife and children. Riddle became enraged, dropped several f-bombs, and stormed off in search of Rollins.


"It was kind of an homage to, of course as we all know, Jon Jones [and] Daniel Cormier," "Raw" commentator Jimmy Smith explained on the "MMA on SiriusXM" podcast. "What they do is you go out to all of these television stations and studios and shows and 'Good Morning Boston' or whatever. So, you're sitting there in this studio and as you're sitting there, they go, 'Okay, you're going to be on in Boston in six seconds.' 5, 4, 3, 2, and BOOM! You hear this host and they say hi and you do an interview and then you say goodbye. A few seconds later, you go to another show."

What Happened Between Cormier and Jones

"The interesting thing about this is D.C. and Jon Jones apparently forgot that [they were live], or no one told them because they're supposed to tell you this. So, Jon Jones and D.C. are sitting down and giving one of these interviews. They're in separate rooms and doing their thing. They got picked up live on a hot mic [where Jones was caught threatening Cormier]."


The issues between Rollins and Riddle have become increasingly personal over the last several weeks. Rollins injured Riddle during the July 25 edition of "Raw", causing their scheduled match for SummerSlam to be called off. Despite this, Riddle still showed up at the event where Rollins attacked him again. Riddle was out for a couple of weeks before he returned, looking for revenge. Since then, the two have gotten into several brawls and heated exchanges of words.

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