Ace Steel Reportedly 'Lucky To Not Be In Jail' Following Post AEW All Out Backstage Scuffle

Ace Steel has had quite a week in AEW. The long-time friend and mentor to CM Punk played a major on-air role in motivating the "Second City Saint" to face Jon Moxley in an AEW World Championship rematch at All Out, a match Punk ultimately won. However, according to Fightful, he's now in hot water with AEW, and it's a minor miracle he isn't behind bars.

Following his victory Punk felt it was important to address personal and professional issues about some of his AEW colleagues behind the scenes during the All Out post-show media scrum, and after he left the stage, a reported fight broke out between him and The Young Bucks that also involved Steel and Kenny Omega. According to PWInsider, The Bucks and Omega were the ones to confront Punk in the locker room after those comments. Steel also happened to be there with his wife, who was watching Punk's dog, Larry, at the time, and matters got heated. It's not confirmed who threw the first punch, but Steel got physically involved.

Fightful Select later confirmed Steel's involvement in the fight as he "shoot cracked Nick Jackson with a chair" and got in an altercation with Omega. A source from Fightful believes that Steel is "lucky to not be in jail" due to his actions, and one even said of the melee that security was breaking up a situation "to save lives." There's a lot of heat on Steel in light of the incident, with one source claiming that the fight didn't escalate to the level where a chair was needed. It was reported earlier that Steel allegedly bit Omega, and according to Fightful, "several sources in AEW that we spoke with said that they believe Ace Steel will not be back in the company."