Kevin Nash Comments On Social Media Feud With Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay likely has no plans to purchase an nWo t-shirt anytime soon after Kevin Nash questioned how much merchandise the NJPW star sells on his own. The "five-star" resume of Ospreay was touted on social media in comparison to John Cena, Kurt Angle and CM Punk. Nash got right down to the green by forgoing any star rating in favor of dollar signs, replying "How's his merchandise sales?" This prompted Ospreay to pull a dated "quad injury" joke out in response, receiving mixed feedback from fans. 

On the latest episode of "Kliq This," Nash took a moment to note who his response was actually toward. "Not 'how are your' merchandise sales, 'how's his' merchandise sales," Nash said. "That response is to Wrestling Banana. It's not to Will. Will didn't make the statement. So I'm in no way saying anything to Will." Nash further slammed Wrestling Banana for their intentions. "You got the narrative, not Will. You're using Will. It's b**ls**t. I've never seen Will work a match in my life."

Nash's Tweet did get some supportive tongue-in-cheek comments from frequent Ospreay rival Kenny Omega and in turn, Nash labeled "The Cleaner" as his favorite wrestler. Omega went as far as to get himself announced as "Kevin Nash's favorite wrestler" at All Out this past Sunday in Chicago. Omega and The Bucks ended up becoming the inaugural AEW Trios Champions after defeating Dark Order at the pay-per-view. Ospreay and Aussie Open lost to The Elite in the semi-finals of the tournament and Ospreay then announced that he was done with AEW for the time being.