Seth Rollins Names Recent WWE Matches That Fans Should Appreciate

Seth Rollins is calling on fans to simply bask in wrestling's glory.

There was a ton of action to keep fans satisfied throughout Labor Day weekend — WWE ran its big Clash at the Castle show in Cardiff, Wales, the NXT Worlds Collide special, and AEW's All Out PPV, which concluded with the return of MJF, but was ultimately overshadowed by the post-show media scrum, in which CM Punk lashed out at AEW EVPs before heading to the locker room and getting into a fight with The Young Bucks. Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and others were also involved.

With the craziness from the scrum dominating the headlines, Rollins would like to remind wrestling fans that we've had some solid in-ring action as of late that should not be ignored. The former two-time WWE Champion and two-time WWE Universal Champion made his point clear on Twitter, and even gave two AEW tag teams a shout-out.

"The amount of top level in ring content that happens weekly on TV is staggering," Rollins tweeted. "Gunther/Fella. Roxy/Meiko. Ricky/Melo. KO/Theory. Roman/Drew. Acclaimed/Swerve. It's unreal. Appreciate that s***."

Rollins himself was also part of the jam-packed Labor Day weekend festivities. He took on Matt Riddle in a grudge match at Clash at the Castle, and the general consensus is that the match delivered. Rollins picked up the victory after hitting a Stomp from the middle rope. Riddle called for a rematch on the ensuing episode of "WWE Raw," but Rollins claims he's moving on to bigger and better things.