Yesterday we asked about your predictions for the WWE Draft, which started last night on SmackDown. Below is a look at the round-by-round picks. How did you do with your predictions?

* Round 1 Picks
* Round 2 Picks
* Round 3 Picks
* Round 4 Picks

The draft will continue on Monday's RAW. Thanks to everyone who responded, here were some ideas in the comments from yesterday:


"Only thing I'm concerned about for the draft is if anybody gets drafted to NXT or vice versa."


"Have the big names on SD and let Heyman build new stars on RAW."

Billy Walker:

"I think Drew McIntyre would be best served with a switch to SmackDown. I'd also like to see Cesaro and Sheamus both on the blue brand. McIntyre and the Bar as a stable? Hell yes."

The Beast:

"I really hope Sasha Banks goes to SD, I'm honestly bored of seeing Sasha being paired with Bayley, she will get fresh matches & feuds if she goes to SD, plus she's always wanted to be on that brand, so a motivated heel Sasha may be great for SD."

Demon Ibby:

"It's hard to suspend disbelief for this knowing that the whole thing is theater. I think the obvious four will be Rollins and Lynch on RAW, Charlotte and Reigns on SmackDown, which of course sets up the most predictable survivor series stuff ever."

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