As previously reported, former WWE NXT star ACH signed with MLW.

In late October ACH, who was then wrestling as Jordan Myles, blasted WWE for what many believed to be a racist t-shirt design. He followed it up with several other Twitter rants directed at WWE, Triple H, ROH and Jay Lethal, who he referred to as an “Uncle Tom”. ACH took to Twitter today to address some of those Twitter outbursts.

Regarding his tweet about Lethal, ACH said that he had heat with him because Lethal once slapped him for using the “N” word while also revealing that he has a crush on WWE talent Kayla Braxton, who hosts WWE’s The Bump (h/t to Daily Wrestling News).

“Lethal slapped me in a hotel room because he didn’t like me using the n word which he uses as well,” ACH tweeted (sic). “He tried to pull my bish cars in front of the locker room, but I defended myself. I hit him back and took him down. And I was told I had to apologize for it because it would be In my best interest. Jimmy Jacobs a person who I respect was the reason I felt I had too. When I went to Lethal he never apologized to me for putting his hands on me. All he did was tell me how he’s felt with racism etc etc. but not ONCE did he ever say my bad for hitting you.

“So till this day I’ll say it loud and clear. I don’t like him. I never will. Stop asking me to apologize for what I’ve said because I won’t ever. ROH locker was the worst time in my career for me. I’m over it! I dont care to talk about it. And I’ll do whatever in my power To make sure I’m never ever belittled, embarrassed, or bullied again.

“No I’m not crazy, I dont need to chat with a doctor. I’m completely happy. I have a crush on Kayla Braxton. I’m far from fine and good. I’m super! Tomorrow is my birthday so I will be focused on that. Holla!

“Going in to ROH I was excited to be around lethal just because he was another African American who i thought was someone I could look up too. But after he hit me and i saw how he acted towards others. i lost all respect for him.”

Several readers took ACH to task for using the “N” word at all. ACH noted that he never used the word to belittle anyone.

“Where I’m from that word isn’t to belittle anyone. That’s my culture and how we communicate. If [Lethal] would have pulled me to the side and spoke to me like an adult rather than trying to belittle me in front of others. I would have listen.

“Me calling someone my ‘Nword’ is completely different and something most ppl don’t understand. That’s how i talk.. if anyone African American ever told me they didn’t like the world being used. I’d stopped it out of respect for them, but to strike me? And he also told me The reason he hit me was because he didn’t find it funny.. So let that sink in..”

ACH also addressed the WWE t-shirt controversy, that eventually led to him publicly quitting the company and WWE granting his release. When asked if Triple H agreed to the black shirt ACH replied, “No. When I sent out a counter design. Baker told me that HHH didn’t like it and it wasn’t his vision of me and that the design that got released was.

When I approached HHH he was under the impression I okayed it. The real enemy in this WHOLE situation is Baker. He lied to me..”

You can check out some of ACH’s tweets below: