WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray and Matt and Jeff Hardy have shared many iconic in-ring moments together especially during the Attitude Era. Ray is a co-host on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, and he used that platform to talk about Matt Hardy’s current position on the WWE roster.

Ray first addressed the mistakes Matt and Jeff Hardy have made throughout their long careers.

“Hopefully Matt and Jeff won’t be angry with me when I say this,” Bully said. (h/t to SEScoops for the transcription) “But it is what it is. Have Matt and Jeff individually made mistakes on their journey over the past twenty to twenty-five years personally outside of the ring? Yes, one hundred percent. You know what everybody makes mistakes and it’s going to happen.”

Ray addressed that issue to point out how WWE reacts to those mistakes from both wrestlers, saying that WWE pushes Jeff when he makes a mistake.

“They make [Jeff] a singles star,” Bully said. “We’ve seen it before. We saw it in the WWE. We’ve seen it today, he becomes a champion. He becomes a star. They start pushing the hell out of Jeff.”

Ray also made note of what happens to Matt whenever Jeff makes a mistake, while not putting the blame on Jeff, saying that mistakes happen in life.

“Matt just falls down the ladder completely” Bully said. “It almost seems like they take out their frustrations on Matt for whatever Jeff may have done wrong.

“Any mistake that Jeff Hardy has made anybody could make it one time or another. And that’s why he would people gang up on people like that Jeff for a mistake they made whatever mistake it is. Drunken driving or that. This stuff happens. It could happen to you, it could happen to a family member, it could happen to anybody and hopefully, he learned from the mistakes. These guys are my brothers.”

Finally, Ray expressed his disappointment over Matt’s treatment after he had reinvented himself.

“It just always winds up on the back burner, and he keeps reinventing himself and that is the kick in the balls,” said Ray. “He takes it on the chin he reinvents himself V1, Big Money Matt, ‘Broken,’ it’s mad [that he] gets this all this stuff over. I think [he] gets put back on the back burner, it’s ridiculous.”

Matt Hardy wrestled on this past Monday’s RAW in a Gauntlet match, losing his portion of the match to Ricochet. His WWE contract is reportedly up in late February of 2020.

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