Cain Velasquez talked with BT Sport about how his transition from MMA to WWE has gone, Conor McGregor, and not realizing how big WWE is on social media.

Last night at UFC 246, Conor McGregor defeated Donald Cerone in 40 seconds via TKO. McGregor has been known to tease an appearance in WWE over the years and Cain was asked how he thought that transition would go for Conor.

“I think he’d be well suited because of his promos,” Velasquez said. “That’s probably the hardest part and he nails that. And he’s just a great athlete so he can definitely do it, yeah!”

Over the past year, Cain himself has made the move to pro wrestling, first in AAA, and then signing a three-year contract with WWE last October.

“It’s different but there are similarities, this [WWE] is an action sport and it’s the same thing with fighting,” Velasquez stated. “It’s a different mentality that you have to have when you go out and perform. With the WWE you have to be really open to your surroundings, feel the crowd, hear the crowd. Your timing needs to be correct, well it does in fighting as well, but your timing almost needs to slow down in-between doing a move and registering it.

“Whereas fighting, I don’t listen to the crowd, I’m just focused on what I have to do as far as my opponent, watching him, because that’s all I have to worry about is him. There’s nothing of timing, my game plan is to go out there and be really offensive, that’s what I have to do and almost find my openings. Don’t work with him, just go out there and look to beat him.”

Velasquez also noted one of the biggest differences was WWE’s massive social media following, saying UFC doesn’t pull in numbers like WWE does for WrestleMania.

“For me it’s just turned up a notch, even like on social media I didn’t know how big the WWE was,” Velasquez admitted. “Coming from the UFC that’s what I know, that’s the world that I’m really familiar with and I know the size of it and who’s into it and everything. Just the amount of people, you have something like WrestleMania and the UFC doesn’t pull those numbers like that, they just don’t.”