The Young Bucks have been wrestling for over a 15 years, but even they can be star-struck when meeting a wrestler that they grew up watching. In an interview with ESPN West Palm, they talked about how surreal it was to meet wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio, and how surprised they were when they knew about them.

“Anytime a veteran like Chris Jericho comes to us, whether it be like two or three years ago when we first met him and worked with him, and he said, ‘oh, I know all about you guys. I’ve seen this or that.’ I go, ‘wait. What?’ That blows my mind because you’re the guy I grew up watching and I idolized, and I literally have his action figures in my sons room to this day,” Matt Jackson said. “And now I work with him. I remember, back a couple of years ago as well, when I first got to work with Rey Mysterio, and he was coming up to me and [went], ‘hey, let’s do that one spot you and your brother do’, and I go, ‘wait a minute. You watched us?’ That’s surreal.”

What really struck Matt was meeting the Hardy Boys, the tag team that inspired them to become a tag team.

“To me, the biggest one was probably when I met the Hardy Boys, and they knew exactly who we were. They knew our tag team combinations, and they told us they were big fans of ours,” Matt said. “For me, they were the guys. They’re probably the reason why Nick and I decided to go through with being a tag team. We always wanted to be wrestlers. We watched two brothers who worked the biggest guys and they did crazy stunts and they had a cool look. They were the guys for us.

“I think Matt [Hardy] came up and was like, ‘hey, you guys are good.’ It was like, ‘whoa, wait a minute.’ That was probably one of the coolest moments of my life.”

Matt and Nick Jackson have been around wrestling for a long time, but there are still matches that they have yet to have against certain teams. Nick gave his dream match that he would like to see one day that almost happened.

“I would say The Elite vs. The New Day because that was actually something that was close to actually happening at one point, but it’s just never happened,” Nick said. “I think if that six-man happened it would’ve tore the house down.”

Matt brought up a team that many fans have speculated could happen sooner rather than later.

“For me, the obvious one whenever people talk about the dream match that never happened would be us and The Revival because I feel like there’s some real-life tension there, and I don’t know if it’s competitive or friendly or whatever it is,” Matt said. “There’s definitely something. There’s a competitive rivalry there. Talk about two teams that have polar opposites in styles, where I think it could be a fun style clash. I would love to have that match. That’s probably number one on my bucket list right now.”

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