News blew up this week after it was revealed that a WWE developmental talent had tested positive for COVID-19. WWE cancelled their TV tapings on Tuesday to test everyone for COVID-19.

This is the first time that WWE has conducted such a test. WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley posted a video of himself getting a COVID-19 test to show that WWE is indeed testing for COVID-19.

Like WWE, AEW received some criticism for running shows during the pandemic. However, AEW has been doing actual COVID-19 testing at their tapings as opposed to temperature checks. This led to questions about how often AEW has been testing since they have also been running shows in Florida, a hot spot for the coronavirus. Reporter Jon Alba of Spectrum News 13 in Orlando credited AEW for their precautions and health measures that they have been taking.

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan responded to Alba and the fan tweeting, “Yes, we test every person who’s in the backstage area or working in or around the ring at the beginning of every week we’re doing a show. Thank you both.”

You can view Khan’s tweet below: