FOX Sports’ Charlotte Wilder recently sat down with Alexa Bliss to talk about her new podcast coming in July. Wilder asked Bliss what it felt like not getting an in-ring match on the PPV due to her concussions she suffered before the event.

“It was tough. I was supposed to have a match against Trish Stratus in the beginning,” Bliss recalled. “I watched Trish growing up. I loved Trish. Everything that I did in NXT, I tried to emulate Trish like her attitude. So it was like getting a match with your WWE hero. I was so excited. Then it got turned into a tag match, which was even cooler because then I was gonna get in the ring with Trish and Lita with Mickie James as my partner. What’s better than having a match with Trish? Having a match with Trish and Lita.

“Unfortunately, I was dealing with concussions, and I had to do a live event. WWE wanted me to get back in the ring before Evolution. I was booked on the live events, and during a live event, I ended up getting re-concussed again. I remember being in the trainer’s room after, and they said, ‘you’re concussed again. That means no Evolution,’ which really sucked.”

Bliss revealed that she suffered from vertigo because of her concussions. She also revealed that she found out she was pulled from WWE Evolution while on the plane ride to the show.

“It was heartbreaking because they said, ‘take the impact test. There’s a chance you might get cleared right before Evolution. We’ll have you in the ring the day before to see how you’re feeling,’ and I ended up having really bad vertigo from the concussions. I couldn’t do anything, and I found out literally as I was flying to Evolution I wasn’t going to be cleared. It sucked, but it was a lot of fun being part of that moment and being able to watch it as a fan.”

Bliss talked about the Women’s Revolution that led to the Evolution PPV. She said while the Four Horsewomen are the face of the movement, the credit and work started long before through the Attitude Era and the early NXT era.

“There’s this idea that the Evolution started with The Four Horsewomen, which I respect The Four Horsewomen, but I think it started before them,” Bliss stated. “Our Evolution started when the first women’s match ever happened. It took the Attitude Era. It took the NXT era. It took Paige and Emma to have the NXT Women’s Championship match. It took all of these moments to get here. Now, the Four Horsewomen are the face of it, but it took every single person to get there like every single women in NXT and every legend. It’s cool to see that moment as a fan but be a part of it as well.”

Bliss talked more about how things have changed for WWE women’s wrestlers recalling a time where the women at NXT were not required to learn certain moves with the thought that they would never perform the moves. She said that Paige and Emma’s NXT feud helped open eyes that the women can do the same moves that the men did.

“The evolution in the Women’s Revolution has been everything,” Bliss said. “I remember when I first started in NXT, there were certain moves that we weren’t required to learn because we were never going to do them. The idea was a catfight kind of thing. I remember it all changed for me when I was watching the match between Paige and Emma. I remember they did an top-rope suplex, and we were just like hell yeah. This is where it’s all gonna change, and it was awesome because it showed that our women are athletic.

“Our women can do what the men can do, and our women can be seen in a different light. As we should be. I respect the women that had to do the bra and panty matches because I could never do that. You gotta respect that because they did that for us to be able to do what we do now.”

Wilder asked Bliss if there are any dream matches or any other aspirations that she has for her future. Bliss said that she would like to have the planned tag team match that was supposed to happen at WWE Evolution.

“I would love to have the Evolution match that I didn’t get to have,” Bliss answered. “I would love to tag team with Mickie James against Trish and Lita. I think that’s one of the matches that I wish I had. I don’t know if it’s really an option, but that’s always gonna be a match that I wish I had. If I could go back in time, I wish I could have that match.”

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