Continuing her promotional work leading up to Sunday’s Extreme Rules, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka opened up about a number of subjects on a media call. As she focuses on defending her title against Sasha Banks, she had a confident and optimistic outlook whilst conveying her words through translator Funaki.

This also applied to the ongoing global pandemic as well, being asked about how if she felt jealous of her home country of Japan readmitting crowds at some wrestling shows. This question was posed in reference to the recent shows and continued plans for NJPW that have reintroduced fans.

Although she didn’t concede to any jealousy, Asuka did look on the bright side and pointed out the shows are an odd but still valuable experience in the ring which she is grateful for. The Empress of Tomorrow did convey how much she misses the WWE fans and anticipates their return, but hopes that they are entertained by watching her “dancing in the ring” at home until that is possible.

Another return that was brought up with Asuka was joining fellow former NXT roster mates Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte Flair in returning to the black and gold brand. This sparked a clear joy in Asuka as she confirmed her love of the idea.

“She wants to be there,” Asuka explained through Funaki, “she wants to get many matches with NXT superstars. NXT equals Asuka, she will be there and she wants to be there.”

This led to the confirmation of a recent comment regarding Rhea Ripley. Commenting on who she would want to face out of the current NXT women’s division, Asuka did not hesitate to point toward Rhea Ripley once more. Doubling down after Rhea’s response and confirming she not only wants to face her but believes she will. Asuka also went out of her way to compliment the potential challenger.

“She is looking good,” she confessed. “She looks tough, so she will and wants to face Rhea,” Funaki continued.

Perhaps another piece of NXT’s future was discussed with Asuka as well. The long-rumored expansion of NXT to Japan in a fashion similar to NXT UK brought about a very interesting discussion around that very idea.

“Yes! She will be there,” Funaki delivered from an excited Asuka. “She will be there and she will help them. She will be a valet, or in matches, it doesn’t matter she will be there,” Asuka posed with enthusiastic energy to her words.

Asuka defends the WWE RAW Women’s Champion this Sunday at “The Horror Show At Extreme Rules.” As always, Wrestling Inc. will have live coverage of the show.

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