Angel Garza is one of the more impressive athletes on RAW, but has been subject to the same flow of ups and downs as everyone else on the roster. Garza seemed to be on the upward trend since teaming with Andrade, and although the team fell short in their quest for tag team gold at SummerSlam, Garza still has his eyes set on the prize.

During his recent appearance on ViBe & Wrestling, Garza took the time to discuss his run with WWE and how excited he is for his future with the company. He also discussed his thoughts on performing in the newly unveiled ThunderDome.

“We have seen photos and videos of the ThunderDome, but I think nothing can be compared to reality,” Garza said. “You can see pictures, you can watch videos, but being there is something completely different and I was really excited. I wanted to experience what it was all about and if you could really hear the fans, see how the pyrotechnics are, how the lasers are, how the structure is. It’s really exciting to welcome a new era like this.

“We know how 2020 has been for all of us,” Garza continued. “Professionally, it has been great. I competed at WrestleMania, and now SummerSlam, inaugurating this pandemic era. And what a better way than being RAW tag team champion? There’s a lot of brighter things coming our way.”

On the July 6 episode of RAW, Garza and Andrade teamed up with Randy Orton to take on The Viking Raiders and Big Show. During the match, Andrade and Garza were quickly disposed of and a frustrated Orton, going without a tag for most of the match, sensed a lack of focus from Garza and pulled him out of the ring for a motivational speech in which he told Garza, “Pull your head out of your a**!” Garza reflected on that moment and called it one of the best things he’s ever had happen to him.

“It has been the best experience I’ve ever had in my life,” Garza said. “It’s like when your teacher or your dad tells you, ‘Don’t do this because it’s wrong. You better do this.’ There’s a very big difference in that. They tell you what is right and what is wrong. It’s very helpful in the locker room, and when they tell you is, ‘You better do this, it’s much better.’ He told me that because he wants to help me get better.

“If you have a look at my character before and after that incident with Orton, I am a completely different person,” Garza continued. “He changed me and definitely helped me for the better, simple as that. I like feedback from people and I will always take the advice because I know it’s for the better, so I can help the future generations.

“The encounter with Orton when he grabbed me and said, ‘I love you, but you are not doing things right.'” Angel said. “That was the best thing that could have happened to my career. After that, I’ve had amazing confrontations with Big Show and some others. I’m having the greatest time in my career.”

Check out the video of the incident below.