Ric Flair has had an eventful two years in and out of the ring. After fighting for his life amid a major health scare, Flair has most recently been seen in a program with Randy Orton in which The Viper turned on him after the wrestling legend cut an incredibly emotional promo detailing that his health issues opened his eyes on a lot of things and he’s just happy to be part of Orton’s life.

The Nature Boy also recently decided to crash a a 95.7 The Game interview featuring San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle, who is well-known to be a huge fan of professional wrestling. Kittle was being interviewed after receiving the largest contract for a tight end in NFL history when the conversation turned to wrestling and Ric Flair’s music started playing and he joined the call and caught Kittle off guard.

“Holy cow,” Kittle said. “You guys put me on the spot with The Nature Boy!”

Flair congratulated Kittle on his huge contract and mentioned San Francisco stealing coach Shannahan from the Falcons and talked about being recruited to Iowa for college before ultimately deciding to attend Minnesota. Kittle then took advantage of the opportunity and asked Flair what his favorite promo was and Flair mentioned his “Limousine ridin’, jet flyin'” promo that he’s had so much fun with over the years and offered up some advice for the NFL star.

“Listen,” Flair said. “Stay married. Those millions will go by really fast if you get divorced, trust me! I know a thing or two about marriage.”

Kittle laughed it off and turned the conversation back to wrestling when he asked Flair what his favorite WrestleMania match is.

“You’re probably in that age group where you were watching the Monday Night War,” Flair said. “That’s where we made all of our money back then with those ratings. I was in my prime when you were around 10-years-old, but my favorite WrestleMania match personally is my match with Shawn Michaels when I retired. That was 80,000 people in attendance and to have that kind of a farewell and be wrestling a guy that is the greatest in-ring performer ever was special.”

Kittle was asked by the hosts about getting involved in professional wrestling and if he would ever be willing to powerbomb his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, through a table.

“Absolutely,” Kittle said. “That’s always been a dream of mine!”

Flair most recently appeared on WWE RAW two weeks ago, where he was attacked by Randy Orton.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit 95.7 The Game with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.