Jeff Cobb Oh His Current Deals With NJPW And ROH, A Potential Future With AEW

Jeff Cobb is an absolute powerhouse. His bruising style and look separate him from all of his fellow professional wrestling peers. Chris Jericho brought Cobb into AEW several months ago to act as an enforcer and help take down Jon Moxley ahead of the Jericho/Moxley match at Revolution.


While recently participating in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Cobb praised Jericho for his business sense. He also discussed his appearance in AEW, where he fell short against Moxley, the current AEW World Champion.

"Chris Jericho is a smart guy," Cobb said. "He's not going to keep paying me if he hired me to beat the crap out of Moxley, but he ended up beating me. Jericho's a smart businessman. He's not going to keep paying me for something I didn't accomplish, but you never know if he feels the urge to hire another hired gun back, the price is always right for me. Pay me – I'll be there.

"He's been in the wrestling business for a while," Cobb added. "He wasn't just in the business to be in the business. He learned different aspects of what we're in, in professional wrestling. and he definitely honed his craft over the time. and he's reaping the benefits for it. A smart man."


After his appearance for AEW, rumors among the wrestling community were swirling about him possibly signing with the company. Cobb revealed that he is in fact signed somewhere, but is waiting for the company to announce it first.

"My main thing was I wanted the company to announce it," Cobb said. "I'd rather have them do it. I think it's a better platform for them to do it as opposed to me just jumping around, 'Hey look, I signed here'! I'd rather have them announce it and then I could go on my little social media thing and do all that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be around March, but then this craziness happened.

"That kind of went on the back burner, which is totally fine," He added. "I still definitely hold true to that. I would prefer the company to announce it before I say anything. That's why I've been kind of quiet, and people just assumed stuff. It was great! I love it when people just assume and tag me on Facebook, or Twitter, or something. I just kind of go with it."

Cobb spent four years making a name for himself with Lucha Underground under the name "Matanza Cueto", but he revealed in the interview that the original plan was for him to actually be Jeff Cobb and Hernandez was to be the masked Matanza. He then went on to discuss his run with the company, and says he's officially done with them.


"I got my release after Season 4," Cobb said. "As far ass – because I've heard weird rumblings. I remember reading something, and somebody tagged me and saying Season 5 is coming or something. I mean, I'm not going to tell anybody to hold your breath, but don't hold your breath for that. I don't know. I haven't heard any rumblings, but last time I heard, the main writer was Chris DeJoseph and I think he went to WWE. I don't know who they would use for that. The majority of their guys are in WWE now.

"I mean, there was that partnership with AAA," he continued. "Maybe yeah, but I don't know. Me personally, that was a chapter in my book that's done. We're moving on to the next chapter."

Cobb's character was killed off in Lucha Underground as the two sides stalled on contract talks. Jeff went on to discuss what a frustrated time that was for him as a professional, and not being able to work for long stretches at a time.

"I was at a weird point with them, just for the fact that between Season 3 and Season 4, I think there 20 something months of no work, but we're still stuck in this weird contract," Cobb revealed. "It was weird, and I was just really frustrated because in pro wrestling, there are very few people that can do professional wrestling and be at a high level for 20 plus years. There's only a handful of them. A lot of people's windows are 5-10 years, give or take, and I was hitting a good stride, and I can only do indies now because I'm stuck under this contract.


"There are great companies out there," Cobb continued. "I was getting people saying, 'Hey, you should come here', and I was like, 'I can't because I'm stuck in this contract.' Yeah, that Season 4 was a little bit weird because a lot of people were upset about being off for 20 plus months with no pay, and you can't go anywhere else kind of thing. It was weird, but then they threw everything together and rushed Season 4 out to tape it. I think it was maybe three weeks. Three weeks worth of tapings squeezed into that. It was really hectic, and I love seeing the people I worked with but it didn't feel like a real Lucha Underground, because it just felt rushed and it felt like it was, 'all right, let's throw the season together', kind of thing."

Cobb went on to add that he works with both Ring Of Honor and New Japan, stating that while he is in Japan, he works exclusively for New Japan.

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Mehdy Labrini contributed to this article.