Shad “Bow Wow” Moss wants wrestling fans to know he’s just as big a fan as they are. In an interview with the Heels Pops Chairshots podcast, the rapper, who wants to wrestle for WWE, detailed his longstanding fandom.

“I was never the type of kid who grew up watching cartoons,” said Bow Wow. “It’s just weird to me. Wrestling though has always been a major thing for me.

“I remember going to Blockbuster and going straight to the wrestling section. I’d get the Royal Rumble 92, 93, Wrestlemania. I collected all the action figures. Wrestling was a big thing for me.”

Bow Wow then shared some of his favorite wrestling stories. The highlight involved the first show he attended, a WWE event in Georgia.

“I was eleven at the time, right before I’m about to drop my first single,” Bow Wow recalled. “And Jermaine Dupree took me to the Georgia Dome. We go to the back and I’m like ‘that’s the Big Boss Man! I got to take a picture!’

“I’ll never forget later on; Stone Cold comes out and he and Boss Man start fighting. I’m going crazy. And they start fighting in the audience. I left Jermaine and them and ran down so fast to just get in that. I wasn’t even famous yet! Jermaine was like ‘go get his little ass!'”

The conversation turned to which wrestler really got Bow Wow into wrestling. While he wasn’t a fan of Hulk Hogan, Bow Wow did latch onto one of Hogan’s famous rivals.

“Ultimate Warrior did it for me,” said Bow Wow. “The outfits, the color schemes; he had some of the best promos. He just went off the wall. You just never knew where he was going to go with it. That’s what made it so great.

“I never was a big Hogan fan. I know he was the LeBron or Michael Jordan, but I never bought into Hogan. It was the Ultimate Warrior. I loved the Rockers and Demolition too. Demolition was awesome. They were hard!”

Bow Wow still enjoys going back to watch the wrestling he grew up on, including the Attitude Era. He does admit however that some of that stuff wouldn’t fly in today’s climate.

“I watch stuff on YouTube and I’m like ‘this could not work today,'” Bow Wow laughed. “Like the Stephanie – Vince McMahon match could never happen today.”

Perhaps that’s a big reason Bow Wow fell out of love with wrestling for a bit after the departures of Rock and John Cena. His fandom returned however after reinvention of one of WWE’s long time stars.

“When Bray Wyatt became the Fiend, for me it messed me up,” said Bow Wow. “I was like ‘now we’re talking.’ He’s there, he’s not there, the spin on the Fun House thing? That mask is probably one of the best masks that I’ve seen in a long time. He drew me back in. I bought WWE 2K19 and 20 just so I could play as The Fiend.

“It was just sad that WWE was so much a part of my life and then it was gone. It hurt me. I wasn’t seeing anything that was keeping me. The storylines became very cheesy. But the Fiend character was just a fresh breath of air. It was something new. He got me back into it.”

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