Edge Reacts To First WWE SmackDown Match In A Decade

Last night on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, Edge defeated Jey Uso to become the official enforcer for Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns this Sunday at Fastlane. The match was Edge's first bout on SmackDown since coming out of retirement — ending a decade long wait.

"It felt good, until I got rammed into the stairs and the table," Edge said. "Every breath now hurts. But it felt like I was back home, where I needed to be. Now I get to be the special enforcer at Fastlane."

The topic turned to Edge's position as official enforcer for Bryan vs. Reigns. Edge is scheduled to face the winner of that match for the WWE Universal Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania 37, following his victory at the 2021 Royal Rumble.

"As much as I don't agree with the fact that I could be facing someone else at WrestleMania, at the same time I respect Daniel Bryan," Edge said. "I respect his ability, I respect him as a man. He deserves a fair shake. If I were to face him at WrestleMania, we'd tear the house down.

"We're at this point now. I can't go back, I can't change anything; we are where we are now. So all I can do, as a man, is make sure this goes down the middle and he gets a fair shot. Cause I think he'd do that for me. That's where I am at life, where I'm at it my career."

Edge's last match on SmackDown was on March 28, 2011, where he was victorious over Drew McIntyre in a 2:25 minute match. Ten years later both he and McIntyre have title shots at WrestleMania, as McIntyre will challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

You can check out Edge's full comments in the video below.

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