In what is shaping up to being a week of teases, Pat McAfee and Bully Ray both posted videos hinting maybe one of them are the big signing AEW is going to reveal on Sunday at Revolution.

For McAfee, he was in the news recently after Shaq claimed his tag match on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite would “top” all other celebrity matches. McAfee retweeted his comments, simply responding, “it won’t.” McAfee had a well received match against Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: XXX last August.

Earlier this week during a media call, Cody Rhodes was asked about McAfee’s comment.

“I think… I didn’t see this particular comment, especially from Pat, which is super bizarre because,” Rhodes said. “Just bizarre because I’m pretty sure Pat’s trying to get a job at AEW like every other day, but that’s another conversation.”

McAfee was quick to respond that “was not true” and was thinking more about retirement than going to AEW. In the video below, he posted a quick video of him putting some of his wrestling gear in a backpack.

Last July, it was reported Bully Ray had finished up his contract with Ring of Honor and was a free agent. He has since to appear in another promotion. In the clip below, Ray posted an old ECW promo that included the word “revolution” in it.

“The Gods become immortal and the revolution continues,” Bully said in the promo.

As noted, Kurt Angle also posted a cryptic “to be continued” video earlier today.