Rapper Bow Wow On Which WWE Star He Wants To Face, Rikishi Reaching Out To Him

Shad "Bow Wow" Moss stopped by Heels Pops Chairshots podcast to talk wrestling. The rapper is training for a career in the squared circle with WWE legend Rikishi.

"We have this weird connection," Bow Wow said about his trainer. "A couple years back I was getting on a flight and I saw him in first class. I was like 'oh s**t, that's Rikishi!' And he recognized me. We talked for a bit and I told him how big a fan I was. So he reached out to me. He sent me a link saying 'check this out.' I asked where he was based out and he said California. I looked at the link and I said 'this is perfect right here.' My daughter is out in LA. I do a lot of business in LA.

"He knows I don't want to half ass it though. I'm working out, losing weight from Fast 9. I'm going to do it. And as he's said, he's not going to take it easy on me. There ain't going to be no sugarcoating. You give me two months of this every day, I'm going to surprise people. It's going to be like The Masked Singer. They didn't know I can dance. They're going to know I'm with it."

Bow Wow was later asked whether or not his goal in wrestling was WWE or bust. After thinking on this for a bit, he admitted that was the case, while making an interesting comparison.

"You can either go play overseas or you can play in the NBA. And to me the NBA will always be WWE, "Bow Wow explained. "That's where you want to go. There's over 50 years of history. There's over 50 years of experience. They bought out the competition (WCW).

"There's going to be new companies that come along and try to make it cooler. But they're a juggernaut. It's going to take time to take that tower down. So until I see something that's bigger than Wrestlemania, it's the WWE for me."

Bow Wow also discussed a potential opponent that he would like to face. It turned out to be T-Bar, who he's been feuding with over social media.

"I want T-Bar," said Bow Wow. "I want T-Bar for sure. I've told him 'bro you're not going to get a Wrestlemania match without me. You've never been blogged about unless it's on WWE.com'."

Bow Wow also made it clear that this isn't just something for him to do in his spare time. A long time wrestling fan, Bow Wow made clear that he wanted fans to know he respects the culture of pro wrestling.

"I respect the culture," he said. "As a fan it hurts to see people say 'he don't know s**t.' I'll be there all night talking wrestling all day. "I don't want it to come off like 'okay, here's another entertainer outside of our culture coming in.' That's how rappers feel about a lot of people too. I want the wrestling fans to know this isn't 'oh Bow Wow woke up and decided he's done everything and now wants to do this.'

"My whole thing is I'm coming in in a respectful way. There's love for the culture. This isn't just a one off thing. I'm coming to have fun, I'm coming to make a statement."

You can watch the interview below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Heels Pops Chairshots and provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription