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Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Guevara ahead of AEW Dynamite: Blood and Guts featuring The Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle. AEW has slowly been bringing in more and more fans with Revolution at 25 – 30% capacity, and Hausman asked Guevara if AEW is planning on hosting Daily’s Place at 50% capacity.

“I did hear that. I’m pretty pumped, man,” Guevara expressed. “I went to the UFC event last weekend, and there were 15,000 people there. I was in a box. I was not in the people, even though it would have been cool to be there but trying to keep things as safe as possible. We were in the box, but it was so cool to see them chanting and stuff. It was like, ‘Wow!’

“That feeling, I miss that. So if we’re going to be a 50% capacity, I’m all for it. I definitely miss having people there.

There had been reports that the May 5 Dynamite would be a one-match show. However, it appears that will not be the case as the latest Dynamite announced four other matches for the next show, and Guevara described the feel of next week’s Dynamite.

“I think, what you just said, a pay-per-view card, it’s a big deal, so I’m glad that they’re making it a big deal because it’s a big match,” Guevara said. “And I’m excited for it. It will be the main event. This will be my 16th main event on Dynamite. So I’m pumped for it.

Hausman asked Guevara how AEW’s cage set-up for Blood and Guts will be done.

“I think they have to build it because I don’t think there’s an apparatus to lower it, especially with how big it is in Daily’s Place,” Guevara noted. “So I guess they’re gonna have to build it. I don’t know how long it takes. I’m not too familiar. I just go there to jump off of things and wrestle. So I’ll let them worry about the logistics of doing it all.”

Recently, Jim Ross revealed that AEW has plans to go back to touring in the summer. Guevara gave his thoughts on the idea of going back on the road in the summer.

“I hope. I’m hearing the rumblings,” Guevara stated. “Maybe by the end of the summer but I try to keep my ear away from actually knowing any real information so I don’t know anything and I can just be surprised. That’d be really cool. Texas is where I’m from. They opened back up so maybe we can come to Texas.”

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