The heated rivalry between AEW stars MJF and Sammy Guevara has spilled out of the ring and onto social media. The skirmish began earlier this afternoon when Guevara took to Twitter to post a photo of MJF making a face.

“Bruh!” Guevara tweeted, followed by a series of crying emojis.

Never one to not get the last word in, MJF responded with two tweets less than fifteen minutes later. And in typical MJF fashion, he did not hold back.

“Apparently Sammy posted a very unflattering photo of me,” MJF tweeted. “I’ve already reported it. But I genuinely hope he learns from his actions and doesn’t get canceled…again. Don’t come at the king.”

MJF’s tweet referenced a podcast appearance by Guevara back in 2016, where he made controversial statements about WWE star Sasha Banks. The comments resurfaced last year during the Speaking Out movement and resulted in Guevara being suspended by AEW for one month. He also underwent sensitivity training and his salary was donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville during the duration of his suspension.

After an hour of silence, Guevara returned to Twitter to respond to MJF. His response generated a lot of talk over whether this was part of their feud or real life.

“That’s cool, just take a jab at one of the most difficult times of my life,” Guevara tweeted. “I like how everyone thinks this is ‘good character work.’ Meanwhile you are truly a real piece of s--t.”

Guevara and MJF have feuded since MJF first got involved with The Inner Circle back in the fall of 2020, with Guevara distrusting MJF’s motivations. They have continued to cross paths since MJF turned on The Inner Circle to form The Pinnacle in March. The two have fought twice in multi-man action, with MJF leading The Pinnacle to victory at Blood & Guts while Guevara got The Inner Circle their revenge in Stadium Stampede II at AEW Double or Nothing. As of now the two have yet to encounter each other in a singles match.

You can see the tweets from both Guevara and MJF below.