Former WWE Star Announces New Ring Name

Former WWE superstar Aiden English took to Twitter to announce that he will be using a new in ring name for all of his bookings.

English was released in April of last year as a part of WWE's company-wide budget cuts. At the time of his release, he had been featured as a commentator for WWE 205 Live and other shows. He is currently scheduled to commentate on the upcoming NJPW's Resurgence pay-per-view that is set to take place in Los Angeles, California on August 14. He also recently debuted at Impact Wrestling tapings this month.

English had previously taken bookings under the name of 'Matt Morris,' but has ultimately settled on the ring name of 'The Drama King' Matthew Rehwoldt, which is also his legal name.

"Btw you may see 'Matt Morris' on a few shows as back when I booked some things it was the name I was planning to use," tweeted English. "But going forward I will be using my given name, bringing a touch of my true self to that on screen persona. I am The Drama King. I am Matthew Rehwoldt."

Rehwoldt has already received feedback from another wrestler. Recently released WWE superstar Matt Cardona replied with a tweet saying he is happy English decided on a different name, and that he was not a fan of Rehwoldt's previous choice.

"Good. That name sucked," tweeted Cardona.

However, it seems that Rehwoldt chose the name for sentimental reasons as Morris is his mother's maiden name. He did not take kindly to the negative feedback and shared the name was going to honor a family member. He then went on to lend his support to Nick Cage in his and Cardona's upcoming match this Saturday, July 24 at the GCW Homecoming Night 1 event.

"Wow...Morris was my mother's maiden name and I was going to dedicate it to my deceased grandfather," tweeted Rehwoldt. "@thekingnickgage please mess this dude up."

Ryder responded with an apology, but lamented that he is not going to lose to Nick Cage.

"Well now you made my feel like an a–hole," tweeted Cardona. "My apologies. But I'm beating Nick Gage."

You can see Rehwoldt's and Cardona's tweets below: